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Who We Are


Emanating from the realm of high fashion, Melissa-May Designs stands as a beacon of modernity, chic elegance, and exclusivity. We are a boutique design atelier specializing in opulent events, bespoke wedding planning, and exquisite floral and decor arrangements. Infused with the sophistication derived from our roots in fashion and interior design, we possess the artistry to transform the simplest concepts into captivating events, florals, and interiors, leaving an indelible mark that resonates for years to come.

The Melissa-May Designs team is your dedicated partner at every stage, ensuring that your unique style and preferences take center stage. Going above and beyond, we incorporate personalized elements and intricate details to ensure your event becomes an unforgettable masterpiece.

Regardless of your style inclinations, rest assured that our team will enchantingly elevate your next event into a realm of true magic. Embark on this enchanting journey by completing the bespoke questionnaire tailored to your needs on our "Let's Chit Chat" page.

Jamila's Wedding

The Art  behind  the Designs

The essence of our design philosophy lies in the artistry woven into each creation—an artistry inspired by the world of fashion and, most significantly, by you, our esteemed client. Our aspiration is to evoke profound emotions and forge connections through our designs. As we embark on this collaborative journey, the culmination of our efforts will result in an event or design that transcends the ordinary, etching a profound and enduring memory of a truly meaningful experience.

The Experience

After our "Let's Chit Chat" we go back into our boutique to create your detailed proposal, the cost of your investment and any additional details we discussed. You have up to 7 business days to review the proposal. If, it's a go. We will provide you with the next steps.

Once we receive your questionaire. We will review it and get back to you with 24 hours. We will then set up a "Let's Chit Chat." Here, we want to learn more about your style for your event, wedding or interior needs. During this time, we’ll go more into detail about your design needs, discuss the perfect options for you, and begin implementing steps to get you going on your wedding, event or interior project.

It all starts with a questionnaire to help us get to know you better and get a sense of what your needs are.

Go to our "Let's Chit Chat"

page to find the questionaire that best suits your needs.

Q and A

Let's Chit Chat

Back at the Studio

The big day is here. Wether its your wedding, 36th birthday or design of your new home we will be sure to walk you through to be the first one to see your vision come to life.

We couldn't be more happier to work with you on the service you have requested to work on with us. 

The Final Reveal

Let's Celebrate

Be the first to say "Hello."



I am Melissa-May, the founder and lead designer of Melissa-May Designs. But, you can call me Melissa for short. Whatever the reason you ended up on my site, it is my hope that my team and I can assist you with your designing needs. In a nutshell, I love all things design; a great party with amazing event décor, fragrant floral arrangements, and a well-conceived space. 

Enough about me! I can’t wait to hear more about you.

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