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Friend + Sister + Coffee Lover + Serial Kit Kat Eater + Designer of all Things


Her journey started at the age of six years old, Melissa-May was surrounded by all aspects of creativity. She would sit and watch her grandmother create dresses for her to wear, while she would help cut the fabric and measure the lengths without a pattern. Her ability to visualize things, put them onto paper and create anything from scratch was also apparent at a young age when she completed an illustration of her dream house. Furthermore, at the age of 12, her friend’s mother noticed Melissa-May’s gift of artistry and requested that she create cartoon place cards for her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. She later was asked to create the invitations and centerpieces for her best friend’s Debutant ball. 


Moments such as these influenced Melissa’s artistic abilities and gave her the initiative to further express her undying passion, DESIGN. After studying Fashion Design at Moore College of Art & Design, Melissa received a professional certificate in interior design from Temple University and another professional certificate in event planning and consulting from the same university. With the goal of turning something ordinary in to EXTRAORDINARY, Melissa utilizes her exceptional skill set to grant her clients’ interior, floral, and event design wishes. 

Melissa-May Tarlton
Founder and Designer Guru

A  few of my favorite things and what inspires me. 

I love to cook and there's nothing like a
good meal to bring friends or family together. 
I call myself the "Travelista" because I love to travel and explore different cultures. 
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I love sending handwritten notes to loves ones and clients. 
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