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Inquiring minds want to know? 

Friend + Sister + Coffee Lover + Serial Kit Kat Eater + Designer of all Things


I’ve known that I wanted to pursue design as a career since I was 6 years old! Shocking, I know, but 6-year-old me loved to sit with my grandmother, who would put together dresses that I could twirl around in like a princess. Like the fairy grandmother she is, she provided me with the tools that I still use today, showing me how to cut fabric, measure lengths, and, ultimately, create something tangible from the beautiful picture in my mind.


I knew then that I wanted to do this: visualize, plan, and do whatever it takes to bring ideas to life. At 12, I was blessed with my first commissions including cartoon place cards for a Bat Mitzvah and invitations and centerpieces for a debutant ball. My design repertoire has developed right along with me, to event design for 400-people luxury weddings.


A bit more about me and my credentials: I studied fashion design at Moore College of Art & Design, and received professional certificates in interior design and event planning and consulting from Temple University. I took a slight detour into human resources before taking on design full-time. In that career, I learned how to interact with those of different backgrounds and communication styles to me. Passionate about watching people grow, I greatly enjoyed watching personnel flourish in their careers. Today, I experience a similar joy in watching my clients grow from one significant life event to the next.

Melissa-May Tarlton
Founder and Designer Guru

With more than 15 years in business, I have been making my clients’ interior, floral, and event design wishes a reality for quite some time. When you partner with me for a design project, I walk you through the process, I listen to your desires and work within an established budget and timeline to move those wants and needs into luscious interiors, pleasing florals, and luxury events. I am with you from start to finish. As the lead designer and business owner, I want to see you not just happy but thriving in your lux lifestyle.


I’d love to partner with you on your project, so let’s get started!

A  few of my favorite things and what inspires me. 

I love to cook and there's nothing like a
good meal to bring friends or family together. 
I call myself the "Travelista" because I love to travel and explore different cultures. 
Hand Written Notes
I love sending handwritten notes to loves ones and clients. 
of course.
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Timeless Fashion.
Beautifully designed.
Smiles from my clients
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